Intelligent Pedestrian Safety System

✔ Signals when a pedestrian is approaching a crosswalk.
✔ Indicates the direction of crossing.
✔ Registers the number of pedestrians who have crossed.
✔ Seal of Excellence Certificate delivered by the European Commission.
✔ Reliable in aggressive environments - IP68 Certificate.
✔ Managed and controled over the Internet.

What is LighTrack?

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LighTrack is an innovative signaling system of lighting modules mounted on the roadway in areas of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles in urban and suburban conditions such as crosswalks. The aim of the system is to provide an automatic light signal to the drivers of the vehicle approaching the crosswalk before the pedestrians have stepped onto the road. In many cases, in urban conditions, pedestrians are hidden from drivers due to bad weather, day/night transitions, parked cars, advertising panels, trees and more. The time of transmitting early light signalization is in the range of 1 to 4 seconds, while the average driver response time (the decision to stop and the depression of the brake pedal is 0.5 ~ 1 second).

LighTrack also indicates the direction of the crossing by forming a lightning wave starting from the side of the registered pedestrian spreading to the opposite side of the roadway. The light wave is repeated periodically until the pedestrian leaves the crosswalk area. In the case of registering pedestrians on both sides of the crosswalk, two lightning waves are formed, starting at both ends of the crosswalk (the sidewalks) and ending in the middle of the road (the central line separating the two lanes). 


Light Module

The light module of the LighTrack system is jammed into the road surface and is used to generate various light signals. Its main purpose is to transmit а light signal to drivers indicating the presence of pedestrians approaching the crosswalk, depending on the behavior and position of the subject(s) crossing.

It consists of four main components: retaining bolts, cover with two silicone windows, еlectronic module with 6 LEDs and а base.

Tactile Button

The LighTrack Button is a vandal-proof device in a duralumin housing with an active silicone surface mounted on a ø70-diameter metal pillar. The pipe is fixed to the pavement with four M12 bolts.

The main purpose of the button is to indicate the direction of crossing for blind people by means of a tactile symbol (embossed arrow), as well as to activate the system by pedestrians in the event of a faulty IR line.

Light Barrier

The IR barrier of the LighTrack signaling system is vandal-proof device with metal-enclosed duraluminum housing mounted on metal pillars.

It is designed to automatically recognize pedestrians moving to the roadway to cross in the direction indicated by the horizontal road markings of a crosswalk.

Block Power Supply

The block power supply of the system provides an operating voltage of 24V / DC and a current of 10A needed for the different modes of work.

It is fitted with a AC-220V / 25A outlet for performing (if necessary) activities related to system setup or repair, current protection, GSM module, two safety fuses and a sensor for daytime and nighttime.

Microwave Detector

The microwave detector is designed to register the presence of pedestrians in the zone leading to a crosswalk.

The operating frequency of the microwave detector is in the range 24GHz - 24.25GHz. It is mounted in a waterproof case made of radio-transparent material (polycarbonate) with a degree of protection IP68, resistant to solar UV radiation and high temperature fluctuations.

GSM Module

The main purpose of the GSM module is to receive remote control commands from the LighTrack master controller and to send the device's operating status to and from a server (remote control and management center).

Generates a command for the light intensity, day/night mode to the master controller.

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