Intelligent Pedestrian Safety System
Indicates when a pedestrian is approaching a crosswalk
Designates the direction of passing
Keep track of the total number of pedestrians who have crossed
Easily managed and controlled online

Reliable in aggressive environments – IP68 Certificate

What is

The LighTrack

LighTrack is an innovative signalling system of lighting modules fixed on the roadway in urban and suburban areas of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles, such as crosswalks. The system’s main objective is to provide an automatic light signal to the approaching drivers before the pedestrians have stepped onto the roadway.

LighTrack also indicates the direction of the crossing by forming a lightning wave starting from the side of the nearing pedestrian to the opposite side of the roadway. The light wave is repeated periodically until the pedestrian leaves the crosswalk area. In the case of registering pedestrians on both sides of the crosswalk, two lightning waves are formed, starting at both ends of the crosswalk (the sidewalks) and ending in the middle of the road (the central line separating the two lanes).

Seal of Excellence Certificate delivered by the European Commission

the compoments

Power Supply Box

Radio Sensor to discover Potential Pedestrians

Master Controller

Light Module

Tactile Button for Blind People

IR barriers with direction of movement recognition

IR Barrier Receiver Module

GSM Module

In Action


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