Radio button

Extremely Durable Pedestrian Crossing Button

Аudible navigation signal heard within a radius of 5 meters

Тactile embossed silicone arrow with adjustable orientation.

Control of devices via 124 radio channels requiring normally open or normally closed contact

Body made of Al-Cu alloys
Wirelessly adjustable volume. The intensity of sound depends on the background environment noise

Reliable in aggressive environments – IP68 Certificate

What is

Radio button

The Radio button is enabling adequate, real-time crossroad navigation for blind or visually impaired people. They activate buzzers by pressing of the Radio button three times in a period of 4 seconds and the locator signal of the buzzer related with this direction will be activated at the next green cycle.
The Radio button doesn’t just save lives but it is also a more economical solution considering the fact it works on a radio line and there’s no actual wiring

the compoments

Smart Button


Power supply


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